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Growing up makes me fear change even more


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With all the challenges of becoming an adult and changes, I still feel that the change in culture is hardest to accept.

The music, games, memes, entertainment, way of talking - were better a little while ago. They hit more home, but this is perhaps because I grew with those.

This is probably why older people claim that the music of their time was the best... (as an example).

But yeah, times are changing ever quicker. We are part of history.

In 100 years time we would be just taking part in another big change of history. Nothing is static.


Yuval Noah Harari is a great person and I LOVE his books and gives me greater understanding, but it is still a little scary.


I am really scared that the world would look so different, and that there would be sometime a nuclear war.

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2 hours ago, fopylo said:


The change in subjective experience...?

Is subjective experience unchanging / changeless? 

2 hours ago, fopylo said:

Change has pretty much been the most consistent thing throughout history

How is change a constant thing? 

A constant thing means without change (constant). 

Change is quite sneaky. 


What if it feels the way it does because of how you’re looking at it, rather than what it is? 

As far as fear, being scared, etc. 

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