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How much do you sleep? Why is it different for different people?

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I need 7-9 hours of sleep.


I have heard Sadhguru say that he usually sleeps around 3-4 hours and that is enough for him. He considers "rest" is important, whereas "sleep" is negotioable. Ramana Maharshi also reportedly slept like 4 hours or something.


The Zen Buddhist meditators are notorious for sleep deprivation.


Martin Ball had a sleep crises, whereas his "off switch" got broken and didn't slept for 11 days or something, and states that not being able to sleep is truly hell.


A spiritual guide of mine slept like 5 hours everyday and meditated/did-yoga for 1-2 hours every morning and says that meditation could substitute sleep to some extent (but not entirely). He also says that sleep is necessary for the consolidation of memory and so on.


Why do different people need different duration of sleep in order to feel fully restored?


How much do you need?

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