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Addiction to social media and boredom


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Hi, I felt right in putting this under the category of The Path, since this phenomena of social media addiction comes a lot along the path to feeling better and living the best life. It is a major distraction, and can really mess up my day and make me feel like I'm not doing anything with my life and "stuck".


There are times when I'm feeling great, and I'm like "this... this is what the good real life is. This is how I want my life to look like... I'll layout my life in THIS way..."

And there are times when I feel that nothing is moving as I said above.


So here's the main point - social media, especially Instagram has been robbing so much of my time for a long time already. It always goes antithetical to the goals I put for myself.

One Instagram reel, then another, then another... It's just so comfortable. So engaging, funny... You can probably relate.

They have some neat psychological tricks up their sleeves to make you stay on the app.


But then there's the moment of not being on social media, and the dopamine is absent... I must open my phone and get dopamine hits.

When experiencing boredom, the easiest trick is to just open Instagram and mindlessly scroll for fun.


Isn't it ironic that I have all those dreams and goals, yet when boredom comes and there's nothing better to do I revert to Instagram rather than to better myself and go after my dreams? I didn't put goals for 2024 for no reason...


How do I get out of this rut once and for all?

Removing Instagram from my life is a bit of a hard choice since I still prefer interacting with people that way. Also there are many successful people who have Instagram, so it doesn't seem to be much the app that's stopping them.

I just want a solution that will unchain me from the slavery of the phone.


This addiction is more the in between times, when I don't have a duty. I still workout regularly but at certain times and have all the in between times left.



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