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Mental dependency on a guru


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It's not good to be mentally dependent on a guru. He is not a non entity. He is a human being. Imagine him to be AI with emotions. If you give too much power to your mentor or guru, then this person can take advantage of your emotions and manipulate them. 

I was very mentally dependent on Leo. I was naive to worship him beyond myself. They can flip their game on you. They can destroy your life. This is what has happened with cult leaders throughout history. It's called brain washing. 

Some gurus are nice, maybe they are really giving you advice tailored to your situation. 

But mostly avoid because gurus have egos that are much bigger than the average human being. Megalomaniac is what you might call them.. They can go to any length to get what they want. 

All they want is you to depend on them. To create and sustain this dependency, albeit at the cost of your own detriment, they can continue to put a spell on you, a major hallmark of new age spiritual teachers, making you feel comfy, this is all an ego game designed to get the max for themselves meanwhile you remain entangled in a spiritual mess, disillusioned at the end and unable to sort out your life. That's how weird it can get. Save your life before it's too late. 


So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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