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Circling & Surrendered Leadership

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I’ve seen a few posts here about wanting to make new friends and connecting more deeply in relationships.

So I would like to share a practice that has been close to my heart.


If you struggle a lot with loneliness, inauthenticity or difficulty in relationships - this practice truly helps you to slow down, be present with what is alive in this moment together & allow your intuition to guide you.


Circling is a unique experience that needs to be experienced, it’s hard to get a taste of it by just reading about it or watching a video. Every group is also very different depending on the people in the group.


There are different practices but the one I like the most is Surrendered Leadership that people from Circling Europe is doing. I’ve done some circling with people from US too but it was different and more structured (though that was one group, I’m sure there are others out there!). There’s also other structured practices within the term "Authentic relating".


I like Surrendered leadership the most because it is more free & effortless, where I truly relax into what is alive in this moment. It almost feel like I’m not even doing anything although I'm fully expressing my true self! It feels like my intuition is guiding me in the moment, the more I allow what is, the more effortless it becomes & I feel like I’m in a flow. A lot of times I’ve felt a special “high” from being present with another.


This is a very energizing way of relating because you allow silence & you don’t feel drained by filling the void with inauthenticity.

Trauma & difficult feelings will come up so it’s important to be aware of the full responsibility that you have for your feelings. This might not be for everyone.


I’ve felt that it is good to regularly practice conscious relating with other people that have the same intention. Last year when I met the same group for a while I noticed how my connection to other people outside of the group changed because I got used to connecting in the same way, from my heart.


Feel free to share any other practices around conscious relating that you like! For me, meeting other people in any conscious relating groups has been the easiest way to truly connect with new people & to love myself more.


This might even bring some awareness & inspiration on how to relate to each other here on this forum.

(Looks like I’m getting money for sharing so much about this but I’m not lol)








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