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What's not victimhood mentality?

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Seeking compassion and expressing one's pain is not victimhood mentality. 



Victimhood mentality - 


1...Faking being a victim.. You're complaining that people were racist to you. But there's no evidence for it. You are complaining that you are sick or ill. But you are perfectly healthy. You are saying that you were hurt physically by your husband. But in reality he never did anything to you. Fabricating narratives to create sympathy or attract pity and seeking comfort in this sympathy. Sometimes weaponizing this sympathy to place blame or demonize someone who is completely innocent. In the process of sympathizing with you, the people around you are showing disdain or even harm to a person who you are blaming for nothing. The Sympathy has caused people to harass and attack and even punish that person. 

2...taking offense when it wasn't directed at you. Creating a phantom beast or enemy to fight against. You specifically weren't being targeted or called yet you make it about yourself. Nobody said anything to you then what are you taking offense for? 

3... Blaming for the sake of blaming. You did this to me. This happened because of you. I lost my job because of you. But in reality you lost your job because you didn't do the work in the right way. You were late at work. But you blame your girlfriend even though it's not her fault. Let's say he tells me to call him. So I call him. He keeps talking for hours. Now I'm not aware that he has a meeting to attend or a doctor's appointment. He never told me. He misses that appointment. Then he says I missed the appointment because of you. And you're confused because you didn't even know that he had an appointment. But he places the blame on you when in reality he forgot the  appointment and that's his own fault or failure or lack. 

4...hypothesizing a scenario that hasn't happened yet. Saying that someone has the agenda to harm you when there is no evidence to prove such a claim. This type of paranoia. 

5. When you fake helplessness. Genuine helplessness is different. When you act like you're helpless and you need help when help was easily available yet you never wanted to use it even if you were fully capable of using it without obstacle. Like you have all the resources. A man who can easily get a job or he can easily get laid yet he never wants to work for it. You still maintain the narrative that you can't get a girlfriend when in reality if you tried it's the easiest thing for you, yet taking such an initiative will not help you stay a victim so you just don't want to try it. Since it collapses your victimhood state. You didn't want to use any resources on purpose. It was a deliberate attempt to avoid something so that your victimhood narrative continues. 


So basically I'm an autistic INFJ BPD sigma Pisces female with anger and CPTSD issues. Wow wow. 

My plate looks full. I Couldn't have been weirder than that. Now I get why I'm so idiosyncratic. 

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Pain is local in the sense it can be pointed to. 

Suffering is non-local and can not be pointed to. 



Blame is an emotion felt. 

Blaming implies a doer of blaming; and that thought is felt. 



The ‘separate self’ is the apparent activity of thinking. 

The ‘separate self’ is therein ‘the knower’ of, ‘states’. 

The ‘separate self’, ‘knowing’, and ‘states’, are the apparent activity of thinking. 

Conceptualization; apparent activity of thinking; aversion from the true guidance of, blame.


Victim mentality is, a mentality; apparent activity of thinking. 

Not victim mentality is, a mentality; apparent activity of thinking.


Think focus. 

See ye can not. 


Allow the present.

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