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A couple of days ago I got "stuck" in one of those Wikipedia rabbit holes and spent a while studying different methods we use to execute people.


I found it very interesting how there basically isn't a good way to "humanely" execute a person. It's something we have been trying to figure out, to make this ridiculous practice as "humane" (quick and painless) as possible. And we haven't been very succesful in it! It actually seems quite hard to kill a human in a way that is reliably painless.


At first you'd think that lethal injection for example, would be a good way to do that. But as it happens, even those cases sometimes go wrong, the person might wake up as the poisons destroy their bodily functions etc.


IDK, I just found it interesting how something this "simple" is actually way harder than you'd think, and how there's like a history of trying to figure out a good method. Take a look!




There must be an effortless way.

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