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Who knows what will happen next Second? Why is this rush, trying to learn , proove yourself, or being right or wrong, what will gain? Just think that what will you gain in this life? You. Can only gain love, only love. No teaching, teacher, sentences can teach you love, you feel on the air, in the music, in your mom face, in your dog, this beauty is only for you. Don't miss your chance, open your heart open your chest. Drink the love of wine. Believe me, when you taste it, rest will be history, not even. This love is not emotion , it is the purpose of life. Not being feminine, being completely full. Do not miss your chance. Enlightenment is super easy,  but what will you do with that love, I am writing almost every time, but I am sure not many people understand what I am saying, but I still have to say because I can not hold it, it is overhelheamed me. That's why I have to share.

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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Yes! Love is the key 💙🔑


So ineffable and awesome my heads gonna explode.

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

A Comment on the 8th Ox Herding Picture

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