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Here's a mode of journaling I've been experimenting with:


Start by reminding yourself of the most important thing. Write:


Just be honest.


Then start journaling one paragraph at a time of what you're feeling, believing, thinking, wanting. Honestly. Honesty is the key here. Write simply and exactly how it is. Don't censor or try to use some non-dual or spiritual wording. Just write honestly and authentically.


For example:


I think this day is going to be fucking boring.


I want that person to fall in love with me.


I want to eat pizza today but I fear I will get fat if I don't practice self-dicipline. I feel insecure about my body.


I feel helpless.


I'm experiencing the emotion jealousy.




Just. Be. Honest.


You only ever feel now. Write what you really do feel now. There's no point in lying to yourself. What you feel is what you feel. It is how it is.




There must be an effortless way.

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