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Resolving Family Issues


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I called my grandmother after a while to see how she's doing and a lot of guilt/perfectionism was projected at me and I'm just letting it come through this body fully. It isn't a problem. 


I see that the outer world is healing the inner and vice versa so this is actually healing. 


My grandmother (like most I think) was upset because I never call her and the family. I tend not to call the family because I was so used to avoiding the emotions that come up when I talk to them. 


I've experienced a tendency to wanna distance myself from the family. But looking at it now, I think this is actually a bullshit story and the truth is I'm avoiding feeling certain emotions that are seemingly triggered around family. 


My gut tells me the solution is to actually talk with my family more, support them more, listen to them more. And to see that the Love is there too. 


Love is unconditional, Love also includes grandma yelling at me and family being annoying 😁.


Man I love this forum, so much has cleared up just from typing this. 


When the trigger came up, a lot of old thought stories started coming up about "I'm not good enough for the family" "I'll never be one of them". Then immediately I recognized that's all complete nonsense and the reality is just avoiding emotion and the solution is feeling it. 

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Life is soooooooooooo much simpler when we make direct contact with the emotion rather than the thoughts that arise. 


It's like there's a fire in your house and you have an extinguisher:


You see the smoke and use the extinguisher on it, believing the issue is the smoke, but you didn't look deep enough to find the real source which is the fire itself. 


In the same way emotion is the fire 🔥,  thought is the smoke. 


Feel the burn!!


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