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Medical Medium Cleanse report

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Just wanted to share my experience with the Medical Medium Cleanse. I followed the 3 6 9 Cleanse from this book late in January, and have since repeated it. I discovered Medical Medium over a year ago and started drinking celery juice then. I know, it sounds like a fad, it sounds like a lot of effort, etc. For me it had some really noticeable and unexpected benefits. When I got lazy and stopped the celery juice if started having some symptoms (stomach issue was why I started) come up or I got a cold or anything else the celery juice always seemed to knock it out quickly. It became a great tool to have when I wasn't feeling well. 


 So I decided to take it a step further and try the cleanse. I wanted the benefits of fasting without messing up my biorhythms and not being able to function as a parent. I had the book for a long time but wasn't feeling it, and when I purged my bookshelves had the intuition to keep it. I was glad I was already used to celery juice when I did the cleanse because to be honest it was a lot to learn. However it was all very worthwhile long term, not just for the completion of the cleanse. I had noticed that I was feeling great on more fresh fruits and veggies in the past but usually only ate like that in the summer time. Everything in the book seemed to jive very well with my own intuition about what felt best to me, unlike some of the "ideal" diets and information I followed in the past. 


I thought I was eating healthy before, but didn't realize what was possible I guess. I noticed a lot of benefits, strange symptoms I've had since I was a a teenager and just accepted (fatigue going up stairs, cyclical pain, tired/ foggy headed spells) disappeared or significantly improved. Some emotions surfaced during the first round of the cleanse, anger, etc, also had periods of low energy and that blissy high kinda energy.  I learned that I was chronically dehydrated without having known it especially in the winter. Cut out caffeine and cut out any added salt. Started sandwiching everyday with 16 ounces of lemon water, morning and night. I learned that my nighttime hunger wasn't hunger but dehydration. I learned that my food intolerance to bananas (and 10 years of shunning them) was either healed or a total fiction in the first place. It's wild how many things I learned. Started enjoying a very stable kind of calm and felt less prone to being "pulled into" things or negative thought spirals as much. I personally think it's nuts that if we deal with any anxiety we continue to caffeinate ourselves daily but I did it for years, so... 


Started eating a lot more fruits and veggies after stopping the cleanse, started trying a lot of them I never had before. Papaya, artichokes, arugula, lots of bananas 🤣 etc. Learned the reason melon is hard to digest is because it's actually so easy to digest if you don't eat it alone it interferes with the digestion of other foods. 


Anyway, the cleanse is an amazing tool if you are having any sort of anxiety, depression, addiction or chronic health conditions. Again, it was very much in line with my own intuition about things, which first and foremost I always recommend you tap into first! For me this was an incredibly helpful tool.



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Glad to see this is working for you!


It feels great to have more stable energy, I think there's many different methods for feeling balanced energy with food, but this seems like a valid one.

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

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Yes definitely. One of the things I loved about it was that it acted like a reset button. Like if you open too many tabs on your computer and it's going slow,  you close everything out and restart. That's what retreats and meditation do, but until now I hadn't yet found something that really worked the same way with food and diet. 

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