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Having A Bad Day


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Negative 500 dollars in bank account. Car stopped working. Car insurance canceled, all credit cards maxed out, Car payments are late by 2 months. 


Sometimes this is so hard it's like I gotta hold on for dear life and make sure I don't go down the route of suicidal ideation. 


I'm not sure if I can do all this or even with God's help or whatever. I'm at work right now feeling unstable and overwhelmed. I don't wanna hear any law of attraction shit right now.


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You gotta be more like a squirrel in a cold climate, store away creatively, live for today vibrationally on a feeling level, not with your money. "It's fine", "it's awesome", "it's all good", is sometimes just avoidance, like the Abraham analogy of putting happy face sticker over the gas gauge. It's not find and all good to buy stuff you don't have a budget or excess funds for. It's not fine and good to not care that that's your position until it really stings. You gotta care when you feel great, and get more thrill out of the $50 saved than the convenience you're paying for. Take your credit and your word seriously, be true to your word to repay as best as you can and get the juice out of the contrast of this experience and it will go further than you imagine. Bills come first. Gotta start where you are, it's vibrationally ok for sure, but you might need to take a hard look at where your money is going. That might not be ok. Or desirable. 🤷‍♂️


Throwing some resources at ya. 


EXTREME frugality is something a lot of people seriously enjoy. It's like a game to people, and usually these people don't have to play the game because they are good at it. Learn that game, and learn how fun it can be. Explore that side of things a bit.









 Youtube Channel  

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@Orb      Screw it Orb, screw it, I swear to you if you just keep trying it will work out, i swear, it doesn't matter if they take your car or your credit gets hurt bad, IT DOESN'T  MATTER it will still be okay. You will make it Orb, not only that, you will make it and have an amazing experience to look back on, and be an amazing person you otherwise wouldn't have been able to be, you will be fearless when you get through this, swords are made in the fire.


          Do you want a life of all rainbows or do you want a comeback story like no ones ever seen? When you're grey and old if all you had was rainbows you'll  know YOU WOULD KNOW you didn't try hard enough, you could've done better. But YOU Orb, YOU are gonna be that awesome old guy with the amazing stories and amazing perspective on life, fearless, wise, you will die fulfilled and peaceful knowing, I about didn't make it, most people would have given up, I gave it all.


            Screw it, screw everybody, go workout or something you would want you to do. Undesirable things happen, losing a car or credit or whatever is not the end of the world, not even close, screw that stuff, those things happen and it's  okay, it happens, it's okay. Just do what you would want you to do, workout, meditate, eat well, yoga, whatever, keep on keepin' on young man.

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@Devin thanks man. I was hit by a lot at once that day, turns out as always it worked out 🙂. My car got fixed, the overdraft lowered by nearly 200 hundred dollars. I jumped my car for the first time today, I feel like a man now lol.


Your post makes me wanna put on the rocky theme and run 😂.

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