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A template for prayer


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This is a template for prayer, shared in Gary R. Renard's Disappearance of the Universe.


It "reflects the true form of prayer" which is the eternal sharing / expansion of love.


I have found it very fun to do, and a great way to get back on the track. I usually do it every morning and evening. Try it and see how it feels. Share your experience here.



It begins with a visualization. Close your eyes and visualize walking to God's Altar. You can also visualize holding hands & walking with Jesus (or anyone who resonates to you as a symbol / manifestation of the holy spirit, or the memory of holiness & unconditional love. For example this might be the Buddha, an angel, or even your guru).


Sit in front of the altar (with J or Buddha or whoever) and offer all your wants, desires and goals as a gift to God. I enjoy this part very much. You can also open up about any worries or fears or despairs, and feel you're heard and loved and cared for. Feel it all. Your feeling is heard.


Next, contemplate / re-mind that you are created exactly the same as God. You are exactly the same as God is, the only difference being that God created you and not vice versa. You are God's extension. You are created by love and so you are love. You are created by eternity and so you are eternal. You are created by goodness and so you are good. And contemplate / re-mind that you are to be with God forever. "And I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever". Contemplate eternal life and eternal love & goodness.


And then be silent and just float and breathe in love.



There must be an effortless way.

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Noticed something odd yesterday.


It's easy to visualize sitting down in front of God's altar... But it's hard, maybe even impossible to visualize God there.


I mean yeah sure you can visualize a bearded man or some sort of light being etc, but that actually feels discordant.


To visualize God without guiding discord... Not sure if it's possible.


It (intuition/guidance) seems to direct the visualization toward simply a room with J and the altar but God is not a thing. God is not having thoughts. God's not an object in your awareness. You cannot see God, even in imagination.


It's interesting. Not-a-thing. Almost a bit like God is the subject, not an object. God doesn't know and isn't known, God IS. 🤔🤔




Maybe ANY thought about God is ever so slightly discordant. 🤔


There must be an effortless way.

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Woahhh I just did this and something might have clicked.


I thought before that offering the desires, goals and "idols" meant to like give them away to like an "outside" god. Like you give up the goal.


But today I thought of it differently. Basically, mindfully wrapping the wants and goals, seeing them as gifts, and not giving them away to somewhere else, just letting them stay on the altar. Just kind of noticing they are gifts and wrapping & seeing them with love. This is different from giving them over, giving them up. You don't give them away, you see them as gifts... And where would that God be to whom you give them? Not outside. You give them as gifts by seeing them as gifts. It's hard to describe. I'm gifting them to myself.


And suddenly there was a huge surge of love and joy and appreciation for the gifts. One of the best feelings I've ever experienced honestly. Didn't last long but it was super uplifting.


I love this prayer!


There must be an effortless way.

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