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Awareness is Not Aware (Powerful Inquiry)


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A very popular non dual pointer is the pointer of "You are awareness, and awareness is aware of sensation/feelings/thoughts".


Or "You are the invisible awareness that is holding space for all things". 


While these pointers are initially very liberating in comparison to the old paradigms, they are still chains. 


Think of it as being in a small prison cell, and then the Awareness pointer is like having a mansion for a prison, there's a lot more space in this big house and it feels great, but you still can't go outside of that prison. 


So, here's a powerful inquiry you can do in order to clearly "see" that Awareness isn't actually aware/perceiving anything:


-First notice your attention/ability to be aware of sensation, notice you can be directly aware of the feeling in your finger tips or your head. 


-Focus on any object, like your finger, then notice that there's a subtle sense of Subject-Object perception, the finger is the Object, and this Object is being perceived by a subject, this Subject Is typically known as Awareness or Attention, but we are questioning if this subject really is awareness or if it even exists. 


-Focus on the subject that appears to be perceiving an object, what does it feel like? Is it in the eyeballs? Is it in the head? Is it in the body? It may be felt inside the head, perhaps in the back of the eyeballs, it may really seem like the Subject is in there. 


-Let's say in this inquiry that sense of self or Subject is in the eyeballs, notice it's a sensation. Then ask "Can a sensation perceive or be aware of anything?". "Does the sensation of the eyes actually See or perceive?" "Does this sensation have the ability to perceive or be aware of other sensations?"


-Really "feel" into this. Notice that the sensation of the eyeballs is indeed a sensation and cannot actually perceive anything or be aware of anything. 


-So what is that subject then? What is looking? You thought it was a sensation that was looking/perceiving/being aware of sensation, but clearly not the case. Keep feeling into whatever sensation you thought was the perceiver. 


-As ironic as it sounds, look for what is looking. 


If the inquiry is done with 100% intention, it will be recognized that the idea of being aware of sensation, perceiving, looking, is all a subtle belief, Feeling (Which is awareness) does not perceive anything, it is not aware of anything. 


If this inquiry is done completely, Awareness is realized to be the same thing as Feeling. Any sense of "distance" or "space" or "Looking" is actually aversion. 


Do you notice how the separate self always wants to go away from direct Feeling? It always wants space between itself and Feeling. So it creates the Ego, and when that doesn't work it creates the Paradigm of the Witness or Observer or Being the Awareness that's aware of sensation. 


If its believed that you are this invisible field of awareness and that sensation is within you, this is actually an attempt to avert from Direct Feeling, an attempt to dissociate from sensation and not actually BE it. 


Awareness is Life itself already. There's not Awareness AND what it is aware of. 


In the example of the attention on the finger, there isn't anything that's aware of the finger, the finger IS awareness already, and the sense of attention on the finger isn't because of something paying attention to the finger, its actually (as crazy as it might sound) the sensation of the finger focusing itself into existence. 


When you see a tree, no one is actually seeing it, the tree is literally focusing itself into existence. But also there aren't trees or fingers 🙂


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If you want to take it a step further (warning: liberation may unfold spontaneously upon taking the step off the cliff): 


Feel into the sensation associated with "I Am" and ask silently "Does sensation have the property of being a self? Does this sensation in the back of the eyes or head have the ability to be a self?" 


"Is this sensation some-thing?"


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@Orb take one step ahead where/what is this I what is keep questioning? 


Take one step ahead, what is questioning, what is what?


Take one step ahead, completely not knowing, including word of not knowing.


Take one step ahead, just Be. All is dropped, surrendered and lost as it before. 


"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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