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Trip report.


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I had a wonderful beautiful and overwhelming trip I’d love you to share with you all. I’d like to preface this with a little story to put it all in perspective.


In 2020 I had a very overwhelming 5meo dmt experience which left me traumatized and believing in solipsism. That I was the only one here. Everyone else was not conscious only I was. I never fully resolved this issue but I kind of let it go and it stopped weighing on me after a while.


Before that trip I would take acid and mushrooms all the time and it was great. After that trip psychedelics became way too intense and I stopped tripping almost completely.


This last weekend I was at an edm festival called bass canyon. It was Friday Saturday and Sunday and it was a camping festival. I did lots of ketamine which was good and also somewhat healing.


Anyway Sunday I decided to take acid for the first time in years and it was something else entirely. I’ll try to explain the key parts below:


I took the acid and I was on a field with my friends and instead of dancing like everyone else I say down. I started feel kundalini activity. My slime wanting to gyrate like a snake and I felt energy starting to build. I closed my eyes. I would look up intensely toward my third eye and I felt pressure releasing around my temples coupled with energy moving upward through my body, it would hit blockages mostly near my neck and right shoulder and my body would move from there. I spent hours like that just sitting there vibrating and gyrating. Occasionally I had my friends feed me bumps of ketamine which would increase the intensity.


Eventually the visuals increased a crazy amount even though I only took one tab and it felt like tensions I was holding in my body suddenly started releasing tensions spontaneously.


The most trippy part came when I started feeling into the nature of things. It felt like I actually couldn’t find myself. And not In a logical way but more in an intuitive, feeling way. Kevin wasn’t there. But something was there.

the experience and feeling and sensation was there.


I started to think about the solipsism thing and then it felt like things started to come together in the sense that if whatever is aware is infinite. Then that infinity would be everywhere. Dancing to the music say the show, making the music, being the dj, being the food vendors, etc. And that it was all me but not me as in Kevin in a solipsism way but more like in a being kind of way. Like whatever I am is also that person next to me in the crowd but there’s not actually a person next to me in the crowd because person is an idea or a thought.


Then I started feeling the love for myself which as that happened it felt like the love spread to everyone in the crowd. And k felt it spread to them because somehow in a way I can’t fathom or explain, they are me. Slowly, self consciousness and insecurity about me looking weird sitting down on the grass while swaying with my eyes close while everyone around me was dancing slowly evaporated away. And then there was a moment where a certain tension left my body and it stopped feeling like I was separate from the other bodies.


However there was still some uneasiness around the aloneness of it all. Like even if being was me and I was all. The aloneness still bothered me. But then I started to feel the love but then I started to get down about it again and I asked what’s the point of it all in my head. At that moment a special song dropped and I opened my eyes and stood up and started dancing with my friends after hours of sitting down with my eyes closed. And as all that happened it hit me that this was the point. The moment, the enjoyment, life itself, the present etc.


There’s more that I might add later but this is all that’s come up right now.


Today some pressure in my head and jaw is being experienced and lots of sorrow today. I had a good long cry but the trip was very profound so I thought I’d share.

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