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The deal with Aliens


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As someone who experience contact, this:


Aliens are real and they will join us soon in the next 5 years or so, however throughout history illegally financed business entities that fed off of government contracts had staged fake alien encounters and harmed people to mislead the public into mistaking the actual aliens as a threat.

I guarantee you.

They are not.

Only the fake human once.

If they wanted to hurt us, it would have already happened on a big scale.

Their technologies are way beyond engineering university settings.


There is a group of psychopaths in secret services, which I know couple of, which are intentionally painting the ground to mislead the public into thinking they could be a threat.


Check out Dr. Steven Greer on youtube or one of his interviews.



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It's interesting because Bashar says that open contact is also coming and it seems like there's more and more people having contact experiences. And I feel like no one really took UFO's seriously even like 5 years ago, now it's gone mainstream. Definitely interesting times. 

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I will say this about them ( the rest would be too personal 😞 )


There are Aliens out there which are grey-like but are not the Grey's.


You can think of them as "hive minded" ( not the right word, but gets idea across enough)  transdimensional shamans with far beyond human level technologies.


They are capable of showing you more love than any human ever could. 

Their level of wisdom is hard to hold for a human. Even for a Yogi.



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