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Vipassana Retreat

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Man, I just finished my second 10 day Vipassana retreat and I can't recommend it enough. Such a beautiful experience that it's hard to describe. Was really nervous this time and experienced a lot of suffering throughout the retreat, but after the 10 days, especially on the 10th day when you get to talk to everyone, such a beautiful experience! Wanted to desperately go home on the first 2 days, settled in on day 3, experienced a lot of mental rumination and quite a lot of suffering a bit later in the retreat.


Getting to talk to everyone after the 10 days of silence is an absolute blessing and it feels like a beautiful reunion, everyone feels like a brother and honestly the fact that it's fleeting makes it all that much more special and honestly like a very happy kind of sadness. Miss them already man. Now I'm tearing up lol.




Highly highly recommend going on a retreat and staying the 10 days, you will have such a wonderful experience. Can't recommend it enough.



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7 hours ago, SuesserEsel said:

Just if you are able to reach any of that feeling on your own from the experience now or still need a retreat.




It's definitely a different experience being at home compared to being on a retreat where everyday you don't talk, are meditating ~10 hours a day and don't have access to all of life's luxurious. But I don't think there's anything preventing me from feeling like that now besides my own thoughts and interpretations.



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Nah no worries at all man, to sum it up I'd probably say that being on retreat just strips away all of the distractions and comforts of everyday life, it's difficult but a very awesome experience in hindsight.


Def recommend if it's something you'd be interested in.

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