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17 hours ago, Alexander said:

Change my mind.In direct experience nothing exist outside my mind.

The two simple statements reveal confusion and the limitation of subject object ‘thinking’ in that the claim is nothing is outside my mind, while the request is for something or someone outside ‘my’ mind to change ‘my’ mind. It’s essentially a ‘cry for help’ from an unfortunate position of having adopted solipsistic dogmatism. It’s debunkable via inquiring into the knower / thinker of these conditions / limitations.


This might be insightful with respect to the thoughts / conditions expressed about my mind and nothing & an inside and outside (not two)…


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31 minutes ago, Alexander said:

Solipsism is true.Whoever claims the opposite is not God realized.

Even think little bit smarter, I am sure that you meditate maybe maximum 500 hours your life, write stupid stuff and thinking that is contemplating, and just consuming some pychedelics you realized what god is, or ultimate truth something like that. You are you ok? These guys are dedicated them life for the truth, not like you eating McDonald's and be upset about the kids who suffer from hunger. 


Grown up, stop this bs. Or admin just ban him.


God does not belong to us, it belong to ego. 

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

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