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Im Gonna Cry


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I just got out of a shower that is outside which had like 4 or 5 bugs with stingers stuck in it. I let them be, they let me be, I let a few out them get out if I could. Almost all bug don’t sting unless provoked. They can be fascinating to watch too, bugz. 



If an energy be bugging you, just give the little one the attention they need. ❤️😆


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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28 minutes ago, Mandy said:

@Orb  If I was a factory farmed chicken, I'd do it. 🤷‍♀️ Having wings that actually work FINALLY, PLUS freaking out the guy that ate you, heck yes. 



27 minutes ago, Mandy said:

@Orb How do you feel about raw honey and bee keeping? 


I don't have much of an issue with it. I haven't looked into it so I wouldn't know for sure but it seems like it can be helpful for the bees actually since they'd be taken care of by bee keepers. 


Also, I'm way less scared of bees compared to wasps.


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@Loop @Phil @Mandy


i saw a wasp flying outside by the front door so i decided to go for a walk in order to face the fear. 


the fear came up and I acknowledged that it's also Love, and things got clearer and quieter 🙂


I also noticed we aren't afraid of objects, we are afraid of feeling certain emotions. 


There wasnt actually fear of wasps, but rather fear of feeling the fear associated with being near wasps.

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