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The entire universe, directly available


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Like a marble sculpture is simply marble in the form of a sculpture, your mind is also an appearance of something.


And if I were to write Game of Thrones characters, the qualities those characters had would have to be qualities I have, qualities from my imagination. Otherwise I could not create those characters. Makes sense, right? The characters would be an extension of my imagination. The intelligence those characters had, would be my intelligence.


Therefore, whatever it is that your mind is an appearance of, must also be... A mind!


Whatever it is that is appearing as the intelligence you seem to have, must also be, intelligence.


Therefore, the universe, the reality, is a mind.


Therefore, as your own mind is directly available to you, so is also that which is appearing as your mind. When you see the sculpture, you also see the marble. Of course.


The universal mind is directly available, just like your own mind. Because your own mind IS the universal mind. And you are your mind. That's what the word "mind" points to, you.


Just like a tree and it's branches. The small minds are branches of the big mind, the tree itself.


This is how telepathy, channeling and sorts "work". It's entirely natural. The entire universe is directly available, within. Closer than your own nose.


There must be an effortless way.

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