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It’s ok, I can.


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You’ll spin in circles for eternity,

The mind only knows future projection. 
The body only knows past reaction. 

To contemplate without the intention to feel into the body you’ll just be run by all of your past reactions. The projections will be muddied, with unprocessed pain. This caps your capacity for pleasure, for true well-being. 

Have space to breathe, straight into the pain. 
It’s ok to feel this. 
It’s ok. 
I can do this. 
I can. 


What comes up? 
Allow the trapped energies to be expressed. 

Say yes to the no,

Allow expression to grow, 
Let the repression show.


Into the out,

Stars are on the inside, 

Wide into a shout, 

An ocean down each cheek side. 


It is ok to be afraid, 

It is ok to be angry,

It is ok to be sad,

It is ok to be board,

It is ok to be content,

It is ok to be happy, 

It is ok to be loving,

It is ok to be what you are,

It is ok to want what you want.


It is ok to feel this,

It is ok. 

I can, ok. ☺️


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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What is This?


I’ll never heal

I will heal

No, I can’t

Yes, I can

Thought (Energy Felt)

Im not afraid (Unconscious Repression) {Fear isn’t allowed}

I’m afraid (Freeze/ Suppression)

It is ok to be afraid (Expression)

I’m not afraid (Awareness) {Fear is allowed & Awareness is recognized}


Notice here there is the thought “I’m not afraid”, but the energy felt is different. 
Be a master at leaving space to feel the energy around the thought before it is believed.  


Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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