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All eros types are organized around ascent, seeking to supplant their status as "human, all too human." Eros types are ideational and cerebral lovers who experience a continual drive towards making the most of their capabilities in order to realize the highest stage of accomplishment that it is possible for them to attain in life. By continually searching out self-improvement, and by being intensely self-critical about anything too mundane in their personalities, most eros types strive to achieve an otherworldly, icon-like facade whereby they will indeed be seen as something "more than human"; indeed as giving off the impression of having ascended "beyond the human condition" and onto something quasi-divine, like the Socratic seeker on the one hand, or the Nietzschean Overman on the other.

As for good eros, while bad eros types usually adopt the strategy of attempting to appear superior, latching on to anything that might present them as exceptional and outstanding in the eyes of others, good eros types have seen through the vain strivings that animate most of humanity and have found confidence and equanimity in the certainty of their own intellectual analyses. Like Socrates, who was somehow able to meet everything that befell him with self-assured composure, or like the ancient Stoics, who used to say that no ill can truly come to a man whose inner nature is in order, yours is the ability to rest assured that your actions and beliefs do not merely appear virtuous and outstanding in the eyes of others (as is the case with the bad eros type), but that they actually are virtuous and outstanding, according to an impersonal, objective standard. In your case, this standard is your inner, intellectual understanding, which you have developed to the point of going 'beyond' the inherently covetous and partial nature that plagues most human reasoning. By retaining your consistency, impartiality, and detachment in the face of almost every human plight, you do indeed manage to come across as something "more than human," "ascended," and "sphinx-like," as it were. Hopefully, you will find it in yourself to remember that while you may have set yourself 'beyond' the usual human predicaments of worry and trepidation, others are rarely as fortunate. And that, however comical their struggles may seem to you, they are still in need of empathy and consolation if they are ever to get to where you are as well.

Famous Greeks who have Eros: Socrates, Heraclitus.

Unlike the people who have one of the other seven Greek loves, you are so self-contained that there is no need for your partner to have any specific type of Greek love: Your gifts could work well in a relationship with any other type.

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