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Worlds: My music covers of amazing songs (my original music for those songs).

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I was heartdominance, I am now no longer.


You know what's coming.


I will never login to that account again, I'm done with it completely.


I've been through my evolution and now I'm onto the next stage. Life is a constant metamorphosis and this understanding is reflected in the health of the ongoing growth and transformation of our consciousness.


Anything I have stated on that account I believe and I am following through with meaning there is plenty to learn from here but it does not reflect the truth of my next progression. I will be virtuous only via PM about anything written in the past where that virtue is reflected in the altruism I can provide there relative to the integrity of life's circumstances at the time.


Link to my former account: https://community.actualityofbeing.com/profile/270-heartdominance/


Good luck in your endeavors.




June 14th as stated.


Every 1 to 2 weeks from here.




This is all preparation for the album I'm creating and have talked about on that account but not releasing publicly on any spiritual forum, the same too for the book I'm writing to honor my father by writing the memoirs he never got to write with my brothers being there for me where they can here including my album that I'm sharing the first draft of with them on August 1st.


I am 100% dedicated to my work here as such I will not be commenting in any other area of the forum from here on out.


Every song I'm choosing to cover is a song I've chosen to deeply connect with an aspect of my being I need to see more clearly through the beauty, intelligence and creativity reflected in the lyrics and the rest of the musical composition.


My goal with not only the song but the writing pieces that accompany them is to get to the heart of the musics soul so that I get to the heart of myself in a way that generates the growth and expression that's important for my consciousnesses development during this time.




I've graduated from all

"materialistic philosophy, spirituality, psychology and more"

so what is left for me to do is to now go deeply within myself and discover only those original heights

that are only possible from my inner endeavor, benefited through the intelligence of peers where it makes sense to do so.




As such, if you find a song with truly great lyrics that you think I'd be awed by or find deep meaning in, I sincerely want to hear it as I may very well cover it if it aligns with my own developmental space here.


After I release my first proper cover on June 14th you can be the judge of what great songs you believe you may be able to suggest.


For the first time or rather, I have now reached a point where music reached that point of integration within my psyche where it can now become a truly dominant force in my own spiritual development, the quality that was always missing from talent I didn't know what to do with and that I honestly thought it was a waste of time in the practical sense. Now music gets to actually speak to my development as I never knew I was meant to properly tutor myself on, especially in a decaying western music culture that I won't needlessly go into.


Meaning is so important for any meaningful structuring of our lives, its such an obvious point that needs to be made because we often forget the obvious as most have in this instance. In so saying as much, I hope my own passion, drive and inspiration towards my own spiritual evolution through music inspires others to see the truest and deepest value in how music can positively progress them on their own consciousness path.


If you all continue down your path in consciousness development eventually you will reach a point where you will be the only one that will really be able to provide you with the genuine insight you need on reality outside of just being a reasonable human being to the contrary or of course, for the hell of simply having a worthwhile discussion.








This space aka this journal is purely for consciousness transformation.



Do not disturb it.









To my father who passed away in the early hours of February 24th this year, every day I grow and embody your life within my soul and draw closer to your legacy through my creativity that engenders all the intelligence you have left behind for us all to understand the wisdom of. I love you and I am forever grateful for your service and for this book and album that I write in honor of your spirit completed by November 1st, may it truly do justice for the much deserved respect, love, care, attention to detail and introspection that my sense of duty wishes to deeply impart towards you and the loved ones you have left behind so in all of us through every word and sound I engender my artistry with your soul, spirit, voice and depth can resonate no less strongly for every reader and listener than the ultimate of what is possible.













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