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Racism and homophobia


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❤️ Allow yourself to feel jealousy, etc without making the other wrong or inappropriate, without believing it. Notice how it really feels when you believe the other wrong, or inappropriate. When you notice how that feels, ie feel it, its impossible to think thoughts that are judging, you can't think thoughts like that and fully feel at the same time. 


Often the people who judge and are seemingly made uncomfortable by the most are the key to what we want. Maybe they are living a life authentic to them, maybe they accept themselves in spite of being a minority and receiving the judgement and unfair treatment from others, maybe they don't experience as many inhibitions (no matter how that manifests), maybe they express themselves freely, etc. Allow what you want. Allow good feeling. Don't make ANYBODY the reason why you can't have that. 

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Step into my shoes. Spend the time. Just a few minutes is more than enough.


Feel what it’s like to arise everyday in a perfect dream of boundless limitless unstoppable love, only to contend again and again and again with the pain, the fear of rejection, the burden and weight of hatred, ridicule, exclusion and isolation. Feel the ever-looming threat of violence arising everyday again & again over nothing more than the color of my skin and who I choose to share our love with. Feel the indignity, the shame, the suffering, the sheer injustice in the denial of what is. 


Now just look down. Check direct experience as to whose shoes those are. Feel that I am already free, and long have I been reveling in the wonder & beauty that is the diversity of our being. Loving freely, fully, with natural ease. Justly, equally, wholly. This love illuminates and dismantles my biases and shows me the way without fail & without exception. Life without is truly unimaginable. 

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I wanna start off and say I'm proud of you for having the courage to admit that, most people are in denial in regards to racism and homophobia. 


I must admit I've dealt with the same thing, what it really comes down to is simply loving people regardless of skin or sexuality, just talk to them, get to know them. Essentially, exposure therapy. It definitely gets better.

"Mediocrity is gone. Mind is clear of limitation. I seek no state of enlightenment. Neither do I remain where no enlightenment exists. Since I linger in neither condition, eyes cannot see me. If hundreds of birds strew my path with flowers, such praise would be meaningless."

A Comment on the 8th Ox Herding Picture

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"Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" by Beverly Daniel Tatum.

"White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism" by Robin DiAngelo.



"This Book Is Gay" by Juno Dawson.

"The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World" by Alan Downs.

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