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To grasp this there is a needed a massive raise in consciousness... it needs that the energy system its vibrating and active so damn high that literally a sound of an animal at 300meters it's realized that:


- There's no 300 meters

- There's no animal

- There's no me listening anything (as a body)


There's just Existence, Expressing Itself, in an never-ending Love expression.


Individuality its a complete illusion. 

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What if you lived in a world that was really the opposite of what you believed and everyone you ever admired was actually a fraud? Why does humankind put literally anyone or anything on a pedestal? I would argue that it does so through a hierarchy of social perception of value that because for most persons there is great distance between value appraisal and tangible reality, the sanity of what can be touched, felt, heard and easily understood breaks down and the insanity of what is fantastical, distant, loose and assumption filled becomes the grandiose steps upon which one finds their self-esteem. Narcissism for example can be characterized by the childlike wonder of the schism that exists between ones every-day self-perception where everything is as normal and simple as knowing oneself as the hands that they can clasp together and not giving a view of oneself any greater than that and simply having a perception of oneself that is devoid of reality. This "childlike wonder" appears as authoritarian confidence over an image that enables one to persist in the illusion that one ceases to have to exist, for in order to continue to exist, one must thus then concede to the sanity that possesses one to question themselves both with respect to the potential of alternate realities to ones perception but also most importantly, the concession one must make towards reality itself which can only come from sincere self-recognition. Narcissistic personality disorder is the pervasive false belief in the image of oneself that is no longer able to be questioned because ones psyche has become so disordered that their perceptions upon any one phenomenon must maintain a rigid enough structure that it becomes impermeable to outside and alternative possibilities. Most "disorders" of the mind simply have to do with analogous forms of rigidity for it is rigidity that reflects disorder rather than a plastic, flexible and open mind that is capable of processing alternate views including the many various perspectives of others that are there when it counts to add to the feedback reality gives to enhance ones proactive responses to it. The short version of narcissism in this sense is merely the strangle hold of literally any child-like wonder that doesn't return the self to its humblest self-perception, including its supposed non-perception.


My brief preliminary thoughts on belief as expressed here share good connection with this mild pale cosmic oscillation from a humble towns 12 o'clock bell ring from its glorious cathedral, designed to juxtapose the self into the selfless and then back again reflective of our earliest beginnings on understanding the relationship between how we could use social spiritual orders to both construct individual spirituality and liberate one from those weakest ones. It's amazing to imagine the sheer intelligence involved in understanding the spiritual needs of consciousness versus the needs of an evolving society and seeing how mind vs society has evolved over thousands of years in different ways to understand and serve this problem. These thoughts you have, they go much, much deeper than you realise:



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