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A cool painting

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So I visited an art museum today and this one caught my eye:




It's called "The Awakening", painted in 1894 by Magnus Enckell.


In the museum, this one was in a room with other artwork depicting the same subject. The room before this one was basically about the rise of Finnish national identity and the work of some artists that were trying to capture what "a Finnish person / Finnish identity" looked / felt like. But the next room, the room with this painting, was about artwork that didn't seek to capture Finnish identity, but universal human identity.


And this painting did a pretty good job IMO. I don't think it's depicting a human waking up from sleep per se. For me it seems like it's showing how kinda weird it is, to identify as a body. Is it not weird? What even is this "body"? See his awkward posture? See his gaze? Moments ago there was no body... There was no thing.


It's like the artist is almost making fun of body identification. 😁


Pretty cool. I liked it. Bought a little postcard with this painting from the museum shop. Gonna tape it on my wall.



There must be an effortless way.

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