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Today taking practical steps and beating my laziness. 



Today I have to do stuff in my room. Too much clutter.. I also want to cook new recipes. 

Let's see. 

I'm on a 3 day break from the phone because the phone usage has been quite heavy. 


I'll also focus on socializing. 


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Married to this forum.. I'm Preety

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📍Work on entrepreneurship (research business ideas, study business, work on a preexisting business) for an hour 
📍2 hours studying (outside school)
📍2 hour reading
📍50 minutes meditation
📍1 hour walk
📍9 min cold exposure 



Married to this forum.. I'm Preety

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I don't have it completely laid out. I'm not a strict kind of a person. I let things organically evolve on their own. I always believe in the natural flow of things, letting things unfold and guide me.
I have a variety of interests and goals.
My most important goal is to keep learning and keep adding things to my kitty. It is never specific because I'm highly versatile and dynamic.
I can still streamline some of my goals to the following -

- learning from books.
- life purpose - to live in love and hope
- take good care of my mental health and restore myself to my original healthy creative self. Work on my borderline disorder. And my high levels of autism. 
- make new friends. A lot of trustworthy friends. 
- get a stable career by next year. 
- heal my relationship with my mother. 
- keep adding to my reservoir of knowledge and understanding of the world. 
- get my finances in order by next year. 
- be completely self sufficient.



Married to this forum.. I'm Preety

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