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Mindfulness and physical activity survey for a bachelor thesis :) (takes 5 minutes)

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Hello¬†ūüôā¬†So I was coming up on a bachelor thesis in psychology, and I figured this was a viable option for a thesis: what is the relationship between mindfulness and physical activity?¬†I looked up the relevant scientific research and was surprised to find a substantial amount of studies on the topic, but the research is still very new, a little more than a decade old. More research is needed, and my thesis will be an original (but small) contribution to that.

I've now come to the point of having to collect data, and this community, among others, is a very good candidate for this type of study (everybody here is, if not directly interested in mindfulness, at least acquainted with the concept, and even if that is not true, you do share similar beliefs, values and interests).

That is why I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share this with you guys, and I hope that you also appreciate the opportunity of contributing to my little contribution to scientific research on a topic that we all value very much and has changed our lives for the better.

The survey is¬†short and simple and only takes about 5 minutes to complete. It's completely anonymous and completely voluntary (nothing bad will happen to you if you choose to not participate), but again, I would highly appreciate your contribution. I would also appreciate if you could share¬†the survey with other people you know who are also interested in mindfulness and self-improvement. The more the better¬†ūüôā¬†

Here is the link to the survey: https://nettskjema.no/a/311732


Thank you for participating!¬†ūüôā

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I think everything on the website was in Norwegian. For a minute I was tensed because it wouldn't translate. Then it hopefully translated. 


Feedback -

1. Questions could have been much much better. Most questions were generic and bland. 

2. Some questions were very similar. 


I also felt (although this is just my personal opinion so dont take it as criticism) that the topic itself is bit disjoint. I feel a disconnect between physical exercise and mindfulness. There could be a correlation though. But at least, at cursory glance, mindfulness seems to be more about taming the monkey mind whereas physical activity seems to be taking care of physical health. So the transition of the questions from physical exercise directly to questions on mental acuity felt daft and awkward. This could be just me though. 


3. A question on multi-tasking would have been awesome. 




4. I think some questions would need reframing to make them more objective and contextual. Like this for example. There was no question on how exercise is good or bad for health. Instead I felt the focus was only on whether it's fun or not. I think you could have included an option that said - "I exercise because it's healthy." I was constantly looking for it. 





5. I think like this survey sorely missed the real juice and was flippant and superficial. Good for a beginner survey but I didn't feel like I was giving exploratory information. It was a bummer. 




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The questions were very repetitive, similar and redundant. 

I think these are the questions I'm referring to -


























These two questions were redundant. 










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If I were creating the survey, I would have included the following questions -


Since english is not my first language, the sentences can appear a bit garbled. 


1. Did exercise improve the quality of your state of mind including aspects such as agility, sharpness, alertness, focus, attention span etc. 


2. How aware are you of your thoughts when you're having them? 


3. Do you have multiple perspectives on the same situation? 


4. How connected are you to your emotions and feelings? 


5. Are your thought patterns repetitive and addictive? 


6. How often do you get intrusive thoughts? 


7. On a scale of 1-10, how grateful are you for your living experience? 


8. Do you feel like you live in the moment? 


9. Does living in the moment make you feel comfortable? 


10. Do you prioritize your activities throughout the day? 




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Posted (edited)

The questionnaires were chosen based on their popularity in the scientific community and their relative simplicity to similar measures. You can read about them here if you'd like:


The Mindful Attention Awarenesss Scale (MAAS): https://positivepsychology.com/mindful-attention-awareness-scale-maas/


Godin's Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire (LTEQ): https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25799030/


Behavioral Regulation in exercise Questionnaire-2 (BREQ-2): https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235913863_A_Modification_to_the_Behavioural_Regulation_in_Exercise_Questionnaire_to_Include_an_Assessment_of_Amotivation

This survey focused on the intrinsic regulation sub-scale in the BREQ-2, and it includes two other questions for aesthetic reasons, as having the four questions alone would've looked even more awkward than it looks now. I choose to do it this way because I'm going to use the results to compare with Ruffault et al. (2016) who looked at that particular part of the BREQ-2, and I don't need the other data from the other sub-scales, and it would've made the survey much longer. In hindsight, that wouldn'tve been a problem, as I'm already up to nearly 300 participants in just 2 days ūüôā

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