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More openess for people who struggle?


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IMO the guidelines are very strict and it make it seem like it's not OK to be here if you struggle. If someone is depressed I doubt that they "follow principles outlined twenty five centuries ago by Lao-tzu". Does this mean we should just ban such users instead of helping them? 

The guidelines try to address this by including "to the best of your ability", implying that one can "be unable" to follow those principles/be happy/be enlightened. This idea is nonsense, anyone is able to follow those principles, whether someone is currently following them is a matter of their belief systems.

Also I notice there is no section for serious emotional issues. Why not? I found the serious emotional issues section of Actualized.org one of the most productive, where people actually receive help instead of just chatting about their concept of enlightenment.

Those sum up my suggestions. Good job on the forum @Phil!

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