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Singing advice


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I want to go on the X-factor but I am pretty sure I have a bad voice. I want to bring tears of joy down people's face by the beauty of my singing. Phil recommended me to do this in a private message = 


"That’s about the properly factor. Virtually anyone can sing well. Almost everyone skips over the stretching of the stomach & diaphragm, and the resonating of the registers. That only takes a day to a few days of spending time with it."


I then proceeded to ask him do I have any tips and he said to make a thread about it so here we are. 


How do I enter the x-factor guys, I want a rockstar voice!

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Breathe as deeply as possible into the stomach, really low as if below the stomach, and allow all waistline / hip muscles to relax. Then let air out slowly and say the alphabet. The first few times you’ll be able to say it once or twice. Keep repeating this and you’ll be able to say it 7 or 8 times without any effort or straining. 


Singing is about allowing the sound, so notice if any muscles, like shoulders, neck, hands etc are tensing up and relax em. 


Then use the diaphragm to control the air going from the stomach upwards when you sing, to change the notes. Visualize-feel the notes coming from the stomach, as if the voice / singing were happening there. 


Then vibrate the registers (typically stomach, chest, throat, nose / face, and head / top of the head), and think of it like the air in the stomach is the engine, and all the registers are stacked on top of it. Like, if singing a higher note from the highest resister, is still includes the vibrating of all of the lower registers and a full stomach of air.


This video’s great because it’s short, on point, and he’s starting from zero and you get to hear the difference as he goes. 


Ken Tamplin has a lot of great videos for specifically singing different ways, hitting different notes, getting to know the registers, sounding like different genre’s & singers, etc. 



Also, after a couple weeks of practice and getting the basics down… usually the vibration felt of the registers is that of the front of the body. Then add the backside of the body too. Feel for the vibration. The tone gets much fuller. This might make more sense a bit down the road, but you can ‘send’ the notes / vibration downward internally when hitting high notes too, which prevents the ‘too thin’ high notes for a lower (male) voice. 


Also have you thought about learning guitar or piano? 

Between the breath control, the vibration, the lyrics / emotion and the thinkinglessness… imo, best yoga there is. 

Takes a little practice. 

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