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The piano restores my beautiful world

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So I haven't really touched the piano in a very long time, like a few months. Every day when I come back home it is already too late to play the piano. I've tried touching the piano keys and I felt that I lost that flow of my hands and the feeling of expressing myself through music.


For a long time now I've felt that something was missing in my life, the juiciness of it, the emotional wonders that I used to swim in.

I delayed it for a while.

But I didn't think it had to do with the piano.


Anyways, this weekend I decided to play a little and even started learning a piece of Joe Hisaishi (for those that know👋😉).

The amazing thing about music is that it can bring you back in time, emotionally - brings back those memories and life experiences, tapping into my deeper sentimental self.

I find myself among the music and inside of it.

Personally speaking, music is the domain where I can feel the most 'high', most sentimental and mystical.


The juicy music I'm talking about is mostly involving the piano, or music with an emphasis on the melody.

Probably this spiritual feeling has to do with my synesthesia and autism.

But really, you could get really philosophical about music to the point where it can sum up your life - especially, and especially when contemplating the composition of music and how it is a language that is spoken with the emotions and you decide what route it takes and how you tell the story, and can be understood in many ways.


Anyways, yeah, I like the fact that the piano has restored some of the juice back into my life and I hope to start getting back to playing to restore my sanity (my true emotional spiritual self)

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