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_Confusion between Borderline personality disorder and Psychopathy


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The root cause of BPD is fear of abandonment. 

They will literally do anything to not be abandoned. This is the reason a lot of borderlines are heavily exploited because people sense this neediness in them and take advantage of it. 

Borderlines are generally emotionally blackmailed in relationships. 

Borderlines can also resort to emotional blackmail themselves, however this behavior is a potent sign that they need urgent help because borderlines emotionally manipulating or blackmailing a person is a huge sign that they are not feeling safe in a relationship, that's why resorting to desperate measures, not to control the other person, but to desperately seek their protection or acceptance. 

Such people are toxic to a borderline and instead of resorting to desperate behaviors like lying, cheating, stealing, etc it's best to leave people who don't believe you because such people only serve to dampen your self esteem by first triggering your "threat" response and then calling you a "drama queen" when you are acting desperate and later punishing you thus criminalizing your behavior instead of understanding it. It only serves the purpose of setting you back and making you feel more desperate, vulnerable, frightened, controlled and self destructive. This is a harmful state, not a happy state. You're always made to feel awful about yourself at the expense of your self esteem so that others can feel better about themselves. You are always made to look like the bad guy but it's they who are bullying you and this type of abuse is called reactive abuse that most borderlines are often subjected to. This keeps the borderline in a constant state of panic, stress and confusion. 


Common phrases that borderlines often get to hear from other people include - 




Phrases that a borderline will hear from other people- 



I never said that 


Stop being so sensitive 



You're a drama queen 


You're paranoid 


I never did anything to you


It was just a joke 


You're acting entitled 


You're being a victim. 





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Narcissists might feel slight guilt or remorse when you completely break off with them and leave them. They can't stand the loss of a person, not because they loved that person but because they viewed that person as a commodity and now that commodity is lost, most likely forever. They certainly regret the loss of this community. 





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