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A new start


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So I've recently decided I want to travel/backpack across the US. I've recently ended my addiction and have come to accept that I am mentally ill have been in denial of my diagnosis but now I accept it and see I can live any life I want I don't have to be bound by the modern city lifestyle I've been wanting to explore for 10 years now but I was anxious and afraid... I still am but now I can face the fear and truly live. I'm waiting for my SSI application to be approved so I can start taking the train through out the country. I'm trying to forget about enlightenment and those concepts not judge others anymore and just get out of my head and see new places meet new people see what's out there. I'm enjoying this forum so far so I'd like to see what I encounter here and in my new adventure I'm soon to start.



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I traveled around for about 6 years when I was in my 20's. It wasn't one long trip. Most of those years, I worked for a few months during autumn and winter, left again in spring. Depending on the psychological state you're in, it can be beautiful or awful. In my case, most of the time it was both at once.


If you are not the most stable person, it might be good to have some places you can go to if you ever need an entourage. Personally I always had a list with me of all the rainbow gatherings happening that year. When I needed social contact or just a place to rest for a bit, I visited the current one. I'm talking Europe/Middle-East here, where every country has a gathering during spring/summer (so there is always one going).

I don't claim any truth. I just share my personal experience.

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