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Mis-Leadership vs. Legit Leadership


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Inspired from a documentary Phil shared, The Deep End. And a certain .org most of us are familiar with already.


I recommend watching the documentary. Very good. Very clarifying.


Made me think... What do you guys think are good examples / signs of mis-leadership? Do you have any examples of some youtube channel, "teacher", or community in which mis-leadership can be spotted? Do you have any personal experience of such manipulation, narcissism, cult mentality etc?


How about good, "legit" leadership (or lack of "leadership" and "authority") 😁? Any signs / examples of that?


I'd like to hear specific examples. Have you spotted any "little things" in rhetoric, action, activity etc. that have felt either off, or very spot on?


And perhaps more importantly, why do you think it felt like it did?


Share examples, stories and links of mis-leadership and / or legit leadership!


There must be an effortless way.

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