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People with "status/value" makes me feel insecure

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Whenever i meet people who have some status, like being famous in smaller or bigger scale, i have difficulty being relaxed, and i start to feel insecure and some sensations arise, like tightness in the chest. The need to show myself sort of arises.

How do you get completely rid of that so you can be around everyone. It's not around everyone it happens. Around some friends with less "societal value" i am completely relaxed and don't think many thoughts before i meet them, while other friends make me feel doubts and insecurities, like i am afraid if i can handle the situation. I have tried blanking out and not really knowing what to say to higher/lesser degree around some people. Its frustrating.

What to contemplate, and is that approach really enough to get rid of it completely.  

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I start to feel insecure vs emotional guidance is being received. 


Tightness in the chest vs the emotional guidance is the love that I truly am. 


Getting rid of “that”, vs, allowing & receiving This. 


Others make me feel doubts & insecurities, vs, receiving the emotional guidance of doubt & insecurity.


I am afraid, vs, receiving the emotional guidance of fear. 


Blanking out vs expressing jealousy. 


Belief in higher/lessor degrees vs rejoicing in this security of this guidance. 


“It’s” frustrating vs receiving the emotional guidance frustration. 


What to contemplate vs what to express.


How to get rid of it completely vs how to allow & receive completely. 


What is the approach vs what is the nature of this guidance. 

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I have found my instincts correct my intellect more often than my social intellect leads me to greater good scenarios.  How this helps me when I feel I don't belong in a social situation of people following beliefs rather than finding understanding of how life is equally separated between unequal results.


Living is a specificity of individual placements living in series parallel sequence of the total sum arrived changes constantly here.  first 32 years of my life I was always haunted with a sense of something missing until i discovered it wasn't something missing, it was being misled to believe nobody can know everything about evolving by arguing nobody can know all the ins and outs of each reality imagined into fruition.


To understand everything physically absolute, just comprehend the kinetics of evolving being forms and shaped by perpetual balancing molecular elements inverting between inorganic objects universally present into ancestral positions never same lifetimes twice.


It is a universal pattern of compounding sequenced events.  genetics is self evident by reproductions occupying time inhabiting space adapting to the moment now. Accept what you have been since conceived and stop imagining who you rather be saving humanity believing humans are exempt from natural time displaced now.


The concept of chosen people in intellectual translation becomes elected leaders directing outcomes tomorrow will be better than genetics reached today. That rank gets the privileges the governed sacrifice their time so those in charge stay in power of suggesting what make better tomorrows than life accomplished here now. Living only evolves currently taking place.


the deep state of mind secret only rulng elites know is now was always eternity the other 99.9% populaiton is trained to never accept it as factual always debating what else is possible. The spawning of reasonable doubt in self evident living.


The mayhem, madness, misery induced into society comes from within this species doing it to itself.


That is how I learned to fit in my skin and never worry about what people of character pretend life isn't in real time.  they fool themselves firstand last to recognize what life is doing in plain sight.  Then you can recognze how to balnce in real time.


Serenity isn't a dream, its knowing how to self control temptation to ignore what life does naturally. Not for or against anything.  

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add context to clarify life's specificity to evolving forward now.
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