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Killing Beliefs Made Simple


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Here's the way to find the sticky beliefs. Whatever it is that you're 100 percent certain of, question that. The beliefs veiling truth the most of the ones that you don't even consider are beliefs. Boom.





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One way to kill sticky beliefs and ego is stop trusting yourself so much.  Be able to laugh at yourself.  Be able to do self-deprecating humor sometimes.  See your truth as just part of the truths that every person has.  Take a step back and say, I could be wrong or partial here in a way that blinds me to my own ignorance and arrogance.  But don't do this all the time.  That can easily turn into a kind of fake modesty which can be a way to bullshit people.  But I think taking your perspective less seriously is a start and something a lot of people can't seem to do due to entrenched ego and a belief they're always right and superior to others.

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