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I forgot that youtube channel existed! 😂 Great stuff.


A book I read recently, Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard says that atlantis did exist, and that there has been countless such highly developed societies on earth, but all have eventually fallen apart. And so will this one too. Because the world / society never actually evolves, as evolution and progression is a trick of the illusion / ego-mind. 🤔 Actually samsara just circles the same path over and over, it never evolves.


It's kind of ridiculous that this would be the only highly developed society in human history. Humans have biologically been the same for what, millions of years? And our history goes back about 10 000 years. 😂 Sure, we're the only ones. 


There must be an effortless way.

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Yeah, he has an awesome channel, I went through the same thing where I forgot about him and then found him again a few times 😂 as Awakening is lol. Samsara. 

I feel there have been many highly developed societies on earth, just our own arrogance that believes we are the best. We are already a global civilization, but not very integrated together.  

This idea that samsara just cycles over and over is true in a sense, Love is free from it & is it at the same time. The cycles of the separate self get seen as the cycles of the universe. Ego ‘dissolves’ into never having been there.  

I find the idea that evolution is just an illusion interesting, I feel that there is an ego-mind is a projection in and of itself. There is no projector. There is however projections. Is evolving a projection? I feel it is in the sense that it is projecting towards the next step in the Process, also could be looked as the idea that there are separate selves evolving, which there aren’t. This is the Expanse of the Universe.

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Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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