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Being comfortable with 2 friends - an opening experience

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I feel the urge to talk about it, especially after this intense week I had.

Questions about my social position, how to make those people like me, how to succeed have been destroying me... together mixed with hate and jealousy towards a specific person, but never mind anymore. My mind is kinda off of it. I didn't even have to talk about how hard this week was for me. It was just the pure interaction with those friends from highschool that brought me back to the good feeling of spending time with them and being a more authentic version of myself.

They took so much pressure off of me by helping me choose a topic to talk about in front of a group, and helped me think of content to include in my PowerPoint. I was actually surprised they had the patience to bare that and to try to help.

I'll probably invite them to my wedding when I have one.

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Also today something cool happened!

There was a family meeting for my little cousin's birthday (which was kinda spontaneous for me). I woke up (like 12:30) and we had to leave, so I barely had time to organize and prepare for the day. All I had for breakfast was some water.

I got there, and I actually had a nice time with the family. I drank some strong punch on an empty stomach, and I felt more easy going (and a little dizzy!) - probably the first time I felt kinda drunk when I'm with the family.

It was nice talking to the people and I felt a certain way, like as though I went back in years to when I was a kid and more excited to see family.


I must say, Phil, those 2 last days have been quite important days for me.

Those 2 days have been trying to teach me the love within friendship and family.

I don't know what God's plans are for me, but this might have been just a little snack on the side, a little treat on my journey, on my adventure to the life of my dreams.

Lately I've been starting to understand and appreciate more the feeling of love. It is really all that is needed. It just comes in different forms - all trying to return you to the present moment, from which the feelings and emotions are born.

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