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Why are dreams so beautiful and real life so boring?

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Every time the same thing. I see a dream and it's so beautiful. I might me in a familiar city or building, but it's different, surreal and dreamy. And it's so beautiful, so exciting and fun. Mesmerizing. But when I wake up, I notice it was just a dream. And I get depressed and bored. Because it wasn't real, and the places in this real world are boring as hell. And I miss the dream world places.


I'd like the real world to feel that way always. Dreamy and mesmerizing. I once had "life of my dreams" on my dreamboard, and it meant exactly this. Though I got spooked cause I wonder if it's possible. I worry something hard needs to happen for a world that feels like that... Like death or something. Or some sort of terrifying realization that life is 'just' a dream and I'm alone and unsafe.



There must be an effortless way.

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Because most of your dreams are the consequence of the unfulfilled desires of your day to day depressing boring life


Not to put you down, but to indicate that in this here and now, truly, anything is possible. Perhaps you once had many dreams of life and they didn't come true, so you spent a lot of your life being depressed about that and began to settle into habits and routines that gave you a sense of safety and structure, but no aliveness.


Great news! In this ever-changing here and now with no limits nor beginning and end, nothing is permanent so what does that mean? Everything is possible!

You are the creator. Create the life you want.

i am already your friend


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When you dream, does it realistically seem like you’re in the dream, and in a world?

When you wake up - does it still seem like you’re in a dream and in a world?


How is This any different?

How do you know you woke up, if in sincerity there was no experience of sleep?

How do you know you get bored and the world is boring… vs boredom being how those thoughts feel, about Yourself, the Dreamer, about Your Creation?

How do you know you worry… vs worry describes how the thought feels?


What if this is just how the materialist’s paradigm feels… because of how off it is?


What if there’s literally, absolutely no catch?

What if that is the truth felt (feeling)?

What if it’s true… that some thoughts just don’t feel good because they’re not indicative of you?

What if there’s not a judger and a judged… just how thoughts feel?

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