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Describing Feeling and the word "Goodly"


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I was talking with @Orb recently and started using the word "goodly" to try to describe something specific and hilarity ensued. It doesn't seem like a word, but technically is an antiquated word we don't use anymore.


You know how there's a debate about what's proper grammar, "I feel bad that you got hurt" or.... "I feel badly that you got hurt"? If you say badly, it describes HOW you feel, so the unintentional meaning is that you're numb and you can't feel as you should, like a person with COVID can't smell or taste well. The unintentional use of "badly" to point to feeling itself rather than how one feels is what spiritual teachings are pointing too, only not in the case of "badly", but goodly. 😂Even the word "well" betrays us. "I feel well" usually describes a state, that "I feel good" also is usually interpreted to describe a state. It's difficult to use language to point to feeling itself and not refer to A feeling. 

There aren't states, there aren't feelings, but there is feeling, and feeling is Good. Goodly. 😂


That's the way "out"... that the way is in. Our emotional guidance is always crisp and clear, we're always feeling goodly. Now is the pivot point of all change, if you want to move up the emotional scale, see that the emotion is guidance (Goodly) and sink into it. 


There's a resistance to feeling negative emotion because of the idea that we know what negative emotions feel like and we know that they feel bad. We DON'T know this though, we don't know what they feel like, because there is no like, it's NEVER THE SAME TWICE. It's not two. It's not two, HOW we feel and the feeling itself. We've never ever, felt any emotion before. 


That's how you burst bubbles and transmute, by knowing that you've never, ever, felt this way before. There is no "way", and that's the Way. 

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