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Cool Trick to Let go of Addictive Behaviors

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So I started doing this and it's been life changing because of how easy it is and I can do it whenever. 


Whenever the craving to partake in whatever addictive behavior arises, simply say (mentally) " I don't ______ . " .


That's it. 


Simply by shifting beliefs you can let go of mental cravings. 


So for example, if the craving to smoke a cigarette comes up simply say "no, I don't smoke, I'm not a smoker.". 


Then let focus shift to something else and forget about smoking completely.


That's it. If you try it you may be surprised how effective it is.


Withdrawal symptoms can still arise mind you, but the mental craving will be done which guarantees freedom.


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@Phil haven't vaped for like 2-3 weeks, I can't even remember.


still going one thing at a time, so still got some addictions going on.


Right now I'm hooked on kratom and kava. Way better compared to vaping/cigarettes. 


But im way healthier now.


ive worked out consistently all week, muscles growing, eating healthier. 


Not gonna lie I myself forgot about my own helpful piece of advice wtf. 


Thanks for helping me remember.


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@Phil now I'm 2 days without kratom or kava! I don't drink that stuff anymore 💪


I feel like 💩 but I'm happy, weird right?! 


I'm just allowing myself to gorge on frozen fruit and I'm ordering out and eating a lot, grace is important when getting off of stuff. 


Still working out, lifting weights (full body workout) first thing in the morning 3 days a week, riding bicycle in the days between! 


I think it's officially been 3 weeks of nicotine free living, so that's a great milestone.


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