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Creating Art Post-Realization


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Now that God is seen in everything and everyone, the creation of art, it seems, can be best described as an act of communion with THAT (the duality is seen); to put a finer point on it, creating is THAT, and cannot not be THAT. 


The painter, the act of painting, and the resulting painted canvass all exist as verbs, and can only be verbs as there is only ever the paint-ING, in all cases. 


The paradox of realization: duality dissolves but still exists (apparently). 



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From the vantage point of duality its in that apparent-ness of separation (which is actually funny), "through" which, from the vantage point of knowing, that apparent paradox dissolves into what is already, already the case, revealing there never was a paradox in any case whatsoever!  


It's all just so freaking profound. 

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