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Everything boils down to sensations

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Let's take a look at direct experience...

Everything boils down to sensations. 

All you have is basically the five senses. A visual field comprised colors and objects. And audio emerging out of these different objects. And physical signals in the body. Different sensations. And thoughts. Which are nothing but sensations as well. And that's basically all there is. This might seem like a naive reductionist philosophy. Where I'm denying everything that is not contacted with directly. But it is what it is. I'm stripping away all that's not certain. All that's not present. Because even the idea of cause and effect.. Of the need for explanations to this existence...are not present in direct experience. No where on the universe is it written that this universe has a cause. Or a start. Or a creator. Or even an explanation. No where is logic written. What is logic? Words and language. Which boil down to shapes and symbols and colors. Again just sensation. 

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29 minutes ago, Phil said:

Right direction 👍🏻 



“Intellectuals” 🤨🧐 😮 😠 😡 😤 

Funny/interesting how people like Ramana Maharshi understand reality more than any PhD academic from MIT or Caltech. 


I used to praise intellectuals from elite institutions so much. Now it's clear how clueless they are...


They get so lost in the content of things (subatomic interactions, computation, information, etc.). They don't really go into the heart of the matter:


Why existence?


Why anything?


Why something?


Why perspective?


Why awareness/consciousness/knowingness?


It's like, HELLO! Why do you even exist?? 


They think they're smart, making progress, headed towards some grand finale understanding. "Just a couple thousand more scientific papers and we'll finally reach it!"


It all goes full circle I suppose. Counterintuitive. 

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