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Really Weird Dream Experience


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I was dreaming about crazy shit, basically I was on this mountain with my friends, but they were all sitting down in positions that defied the laws of physics, like my friend was sitting on the side of an extremely steep hill and he wasn't falling down, all my friends and I were chatting and I was so overwhelmed by how everyone was sitting in a position that was impossible, I was looking for a place to sit but every place on this extremely steep hill (think dr Seuss, like really weird super steep hills) felt uncomfortable, I was scared of falling off the hill. 


I knew I could fly, I knew I could go beyond, so I took a leap of faith and jumped and suddenly I was floating in my room. 


My body was vibrating so intensely it was overwhelming, I was floating but the weight of my body combined with the vibration was so intense I fell on the floor, my body was vibrating hard. 


I rubbed my hands together to stay in the dream, but by then I actually thought I was awake, it was all so intense, I remember just sitting in my dark room just vibrating, then I woke up. 



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The Source does not have a Source ♾️

The Self does not experience being a Self ♾️

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The dream is showing you truth. The mountain is enlightenment, representative of self-realization. The friends are knowing they are vibrational & enjoying the experience in their knowing the laws of physics are also vibrational. They seem to be able to do what you can’t. But you’re realizing you’re vibrational too… and there is still the weight of some materialist beliefs via identification with the body, which by every measure of science, religion, philosophy and mathematics, was proven over a hundred years ago to be is vibration. The message of the dream is don’t give up, let (discordant thoughts) go. 


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@Phil that's a cool analysis. 


I also had this freaky vision experience many years ago when I was laying in bed. 


I closed my eyes and I was in this warmly lit room and saw someone in the lotus position meditating, I knew it was a guy from the shape of the body, but his back was turned to me so I couldn't see his face. 


I slowly approached this guy from behind and as I was within 1 foot from him, I looked down to see my feet but my feet weren't there.


I freaked out and tried to find my body but I couldn't find it and I started freaking out more. Then I felt a huge surge of energy building up, kinda felt like my head was being squeezed and I wanted to scream for help but I didn't have a mouth. 


Then I woke up. This was in 2019.

The Source does not have a Source ♾️

The Self does not experience being a Self ♾️

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