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Spheres & Spirals


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Yesterday after a long session of self-inquiry sitting, it felt like towards the left side of my body was the sphere of the world, the right was the lens, looking towards the left side it feels like I am the lens in the world looking at the world, looking towards the right it feels like I am the world being a separate person, I am Life going through a person. 

There was this insight that arose that formed into the though “It will end itself” “Who could have a problem?” “All will resolve itself” “There isn’t anything to be resolved”. It is funny to watch as direct experience is formed into a thought again. If you want Liberation there is no insight that can help you, but then that becomes an attachment to the non. Settling into Rest, there is nothing you can say, do, believe, know, none of it will help you with being yourself 😄. Don’t let your insights drown you, don’t hold onto them in the form of thoughts, in a sense hold on to the Source of which the insight arose from. It all lets go of You, the world and the lens are what they are, no need to try to “enter back into the world” or to “Escape from it”, fog on the lens, blink a few times wipe it off 😋


At some point I got up without thinking, walk into the yard without thinking, then just kept surrendering, or dropping into Realization, Being. It was connected to centre of the skull, I was falling into the earth dancing around. With nobody there to manage “my balance”  everything balanced on it own. It felt, and was beautiful, profound, and so unbelievably real that I cannot doubt It any longer, I cannot allow the betrayal of this absolute Trust in Being.

I feel this was getting over a plateau on this Healing journey I am on, wanted to share in case anyone else found it useful & or interesting 🧐 

Nothing but 1000% focus/ awareness can do, it must be constant. 

Much love to the community here ❤️

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Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Eternal laughter, will it ever end now? 🙃

Did it ever start.


Fear is just jealous of those with Heart,

Anger burst onto the road, 

Disgusted by all it was told, 

Blaming all the thoughts that have be brought,

Worrying about being tangled up in knots,

Doubt trys to reject it, 

But disappointed is all that is reflected, 

Overwhelmed by “What needs to be done!” 
Frustrated about not just sitting in the Sun,

Believing in a way to get there,

Just a board stare,

Right in the face of your own underwhere?

No plan is needed, 

It has already been seeded, 

Stretch your arms out and grow towards what’s you hope,

Just about, 

It all rises,

And all falls,

Which is more enjoyable? 
I could never know,

Not even separate from the stream that you row. 
Passion just grows, 

Love just glows 💛


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Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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