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Love & Synesthesia Life Report


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Last night was awesome.


Was meditating deeply and had direct experience of equanimity, it's our super power. 


Memories and triggering images came up and the equanimity remained, Awareness is Love, it is all inclusive, it's a good host no matter who's in the house 😊


Afterward, buzzing sounds and weird noises were going on in the "depths" of sound, like the buzzing was just overwriting the whole machine, just sat down dumbfounded in this buzzing.


The timer went off, but meditation didn't stop, sitting down just dumbfounded with all of this going on. 


Went to the bathroom, then there was a synesthesia that unfolded, never ever expected this to unfold especially when I just had to pee lol. Every thing was known/felt by everything. 


When I peed, the whole universe peed, heard the pee, etc. 


When the toilet flushed, the whole universe heard the toilet flush, the toilet flushing felt like this body, the whole universe feels like this body, the whole universe is appearing as the thoughts, the whole universe is smelling all smells. 


There's not 2, there's no people, just the universe having fun, feeling itself, hearing itself, the WHOLE universe, whole, hole, holy, holy shit! 


Didn't sleep until 1 am, was walking in circles just being dumbfounded like the whole universe feels like....this, touched walls, felt textures of towels/blankets.


Closed my eyes and felt the wholeness, and basked in the wholeness being fundamentally empty and unbound. The bound is the unbound. 


Laid down to try and sleep in the darkness, but there was only light, life, love. Closed the eyes and felt the ancient timeless Love, paying attention to feeling sounded basic before, but it's love connecting with itself, hearing itself. 


Love is so much more than imagined, Love Is wisdom, Love Is the creator of all this shit, Love Is the ancient timeless wisdom! Don't be fooled by this weak seeming 4 letter word! What it points to is....just 🤯🤯.


When laying down buzzing noises continued, the head was working hard, bright, turned on, morphing, swelling up, releasing, was intense.


Was like what if this body dies, well I'm home I'm here so I'm safe no matter what, if the whole universe feels like being a body shutting down I'm here for it. 


Woke up and going through life, it's nice, still meditating, still making sure to  just BE happiness/contentment. It never stops, it never stops! Nothing is over! 


Happiness is a light switch, in the same way we can think about an elephant, we can flip on the switch and appear as a happy person 😊


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