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Beautiful Paradox of Infinite Awareness


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This is a very nice "thing" recognized today and has answered many questions on why the Infinite Awareness seems to disappear. 


Basically, infinite awareness cannot actually be a static thing, this is a big thing to see, well not really big but it hits home. There isnt any ground of being, theres no background awareness. So Infinite Awareness can never be static, which is why the recognition of Infinite Awareness isnt a state. 


When it seems like infinite awareness is forgotten, whats really going on is a memory is created around a "moment of clarity", then the memory itself becomes the conditions that must be met in order to "remember". But this is just falling for a fleeting thought. 


"what was that thing? how could I forget? Hm...whats that thing again?" These are all just fleeting thoughts.


But in a beautiful way, Infinite Awareness is always present as it is "feeling-into-existence", so pure sensation is eternal.


So the beautiful paradox is that infinite awareness is grounded in groundlessness 👁️.


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