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My Happy Moments


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I have decided to create another journal on only talking about positive things and more particularly when I am in a good mood. I feel great now, knowing that anything is possible and the past does not even exist. I can look ahead into the future and see myself achieving great things. I am young (26) and know a lot about personal growth and development, I am grateful to have stumbled upon that. I feel great knowing that I am slowly coming more into alignment with reality and removing unwanted negative thoughts that no longer serve me. I am choosing to consciously think of a thought "I love myself", reprogramming my mind.


I can choose to do anything I want, life is limitless and there is so much opportunity out there. I have no commitments and have all my family live nearby me who love me dearly. I have an ambitious mindset and achieve goals if I truly put my mind to something and really believe in it. I live in the age of technology where the worlds information is at my fingertips so I will never be left in the dark if I need information about anything. I live in a first world country where all my bills are paid for and work part time so I have unlimited free time to work on my pursuits. My Dad has his own business on which he helps me financially. There is really nothing to feel bad about because I have everything going for me. I am interested in spirituality, going to the gym, personal development. 


I know so many concepts out there to improve my life and so many books out there which will help me. We live in a beautiful time with the era of the internet. I am in the perfect situation to make the most out of my life's potential. Completely free of everything. I seem to be getting more clarity on what I would like to do with my life here. Right now, I very much like personal development/spirituality/going to the gym so perhaps I may combine them and help out other people. Going by what feels good. I am going to follow the heart. I know deep down I have so much potential on changing other peoples lives for the better. 


It is actually crazy to think how young I still am... like 26... that is a baby in grand scheme of things... I have so much time to achieve everything. 


I feel even better just journaling about the things that I want to achieve with my life.  I like getting new information and self educating myself, questions thoughts and beliefs, unveiling the truth. I value truth. I want to be an inspiration for guys to raise there consciousness. 

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Feeling in a good mood currently, going on a date with some girl soon and I am just realizing that how my own thoughts generate every piece of suffering I experience. It is just a thought at a time, I find myself becoming far more relaxed in present with just being me. I was so tired earlier but I decided to do some humour exercises and energise myself up. Now I have huge waves of energy, feeling restless in a good way. I am really excited for my date though, I am going to try to genuinely try to get to know her and see how it goes. 


I am in a good situation in life, anything is possible. Feeling thoughts that are more aligned with me and resonate with me more. I am not judging myself for behaviours that I don't deem worthy as that causes me to feel bad. 


Soon I am going to help my Dad with his business, so I am excited for that and feeling alot more gratitude for having such a loving family that have always been by my side. Every step of the way. 

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