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Focus on feeling.

Experiencing shame/ unworthiness/ powerlessness.
I’ll never have the body I want, my body parts are too damaged.   


My body itches, all over like little needles. 
It has been this way for years. 

What’s missing, the Vow, without it, binded up directionlessness. 

To abide to Truth,

To feel the power of Love within. 

Are you not jealous of those who do?
Don’t you want a bit of that peaceful stillness?

That is You.  


In a fury in a flash, 

Blast it all away I want to See!

I want to end the twisting in my knee!


Slow down or you’ll miss It. 

Discourgaed by all effort,

Blaming all walls,

Your just a bit worried about how tall, 

Doubt that I could,

but says probably should.


A storm of thoughts,

Around one eye, 

And now just,

A of,

A single lot.


Overwhelmed by non-sense, 

Frustrated by the past tense.


Round in circles,

It gets boring,

Look up,

And get soaring.

Nothing more to see,

Nothing less to,

Here is as fine as any,

As well as being many.


Everything is here, 

No where to steer, 

Framing it right,

There’s all your might. 

There is no escape,

From Loves grip,

Once She is seen to be He,

And He is seen to be She,

A bond so deep, 

It was formed before it was.


You can’t wait? 
Well there is no need to!

Just open up,

And see you for You. 

Edited by Loop

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Lately I feel deep passion when working on my art,

But find it hard to start,

Sit there and worrying that it’ll be as good as a fart,

But riding in that rollercoaster cart, 
Actually getting in, 

Feels like the opposite of sin, 

When I just drop some paint into the bin,

I feel myself win, 

It starts to transform into whatever the heart sees,

The canvas absorbs all of my expressive trees, 

Flow-ers bloom away these ideas of me-s,

Just start, no need to look for keys,

Doors open as you walk the path, 

Towards beauty, no need to do any math, 

Taken over by Love’s wrath,

Comes out as a joyous laugh. 

Edited by Loop

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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Despair all tangled up,

Self-referentially mangled shut,

Stay in the Earth’s Strength,

Swaying never from driftwood length,

To judge any emotion, 

Is to tango with it’s motion, 

Go with it & you’ll see,

Never had any enemies. 

Guilt racks up the score, 

Of every time you took a scorn, 

From ‘someone else’s’ idea of born,

Don’t get torn,


Remaining only as I-I, 



The ego is hooked,

Straight to You,

Reeling in.


Jealousy looks around and sees,

Only that it wishes to be,

To enjoy the Becoming,

To Be when there is Nothing,

To have this Way, 

Sun shining every day,

Always unfettered from the rain of ‘everyone’s’ say.


Hatred feels every prick of hurt,

Bottomed out in the dirt, 

That fucking dickhead,

Who’s face got all red, 

Over nothing more then spilt bread, 

But the milk was for her,

Sick in her bed, 

Love knocking on it’s own head. 

Anger feels free,

A phoenix rises endlessly, 

To protect the Egg, 

Within the core,

You’ll find the store,  

Sunny side up yolk, 

All of ‘us’ the same Folk. 

Discouragement is burned to a crisp, 

With the rising of my fist, 

Iron since before the age of Ion, 

I am the King, 

But my throne,

Is not one for you to atone, 

It is the seat we all weep, 

The dance floor we all laugh, 

Until molten into the centre’s ash. 

As if there was ever a one to blame,

Not even me do I distain! 
To find bad,

I’d check again with your Dad, 

You might be mistaken, 

Mis-perception has been taken. 


To judge a judger isn’t anything to worry about, 

Just inspect it and you’ll shout,

I was never sailing my own boat,

Spontaneity rules these seas, 

The Wind blows the Way,



And feeling comes so gloriously,

I doubt it could be. 

Disappointed experienced is never intense, 

But who would see this total non-sense? 

Gut churning,

Overwhelment burning.






“Wasn’t meant to bring!”,

Pessimism’s sing,

About how “I will be king!”.


Instead allow boredom to settle,

‘Removing the hand from the kettle,

It’s ok to be board, 

Stop chopping the sword,

This ‘world’ into pieces, 

Needless stress tacked into leases. 

Content with paying the rent,

Mediation on the cushion sent, 

Me flying into what was meant, 

When it was only lent. 

Hopefulness sees the Light,

Now and then,

Opens and closes tight,

A teaching was only borrowed,

Now to listen to your own sorrow,

And see the Right,

Un opposed to the left fight,

She already left for the Night.


The reflection off the Moon,

Positivity attuned,

Don’t row too soon,

You’ll miss the toon,

Of each star,

A fire to warm your car. 

Enthusiastically you grab up the keys,

Get out of the vehicle,

Sitting on each of one’s knees,

Begging please,

To be relieved,

From judging either sleeve,

Really who ever left first,

Turn around right into a burst.


Of Awareness,

Passionate bliss,

Compassionate steam,

Melt each and every imaginary seam,

Which is them all,

So stand tall.


Love’s Endless Free Fall 








Edited by Loop

Ten thousand tears,

One Belly Laugh.

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