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Getting black magicked


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I don t know how else to put this in words, because people can't empathise, since they cannot imagine this to be reality.


Months a ago I encountered a some sort of cult practicing black magic 24/7.




I didn't know what they were up to until I angered the leader and got put into an  vibrational state of trauma and pain until I almost black out. During that pain transmission I felt the leaders mind and saw he stopped only because he was doing it to himself and it got too much for him while he was transferring it somehow empathically onto me through forcing me to identify with him to some extend. Despite that his mind was the most manipulative you could ever see, no exaggeration. I wouldn't know how you could ever communicate with him like with a normal human.




That was not the only negative thing, but that was when I decided to leave.




Since then I have been working on healing, because my body was energetically in trauma and was creating paranoia to avoid another experience. I isolated myself and worked on unifying it with me. 




When I came somewhat out of the isolation, Yesterday, because of my healing, I got striked again.


They did not only attack but over the course I was communicating with them previously, they manipulated my body to be able to do this without my defense and reach me easier. 




When it happens it is always when I sleep and the dreams that come with it are representative of it and very vivid.


During sleep today, I was put into a black rage in my dream where I destroyed something good inside me and when I woke up, I felt like some string on my heart were cut and it was foul with darkness and I felt apathic.


I was also losing energy trough my legs, sacral, solar and heart areas. 


 And sleeping was exhausting. I felt getting weaker and weaker.






Anyway, I am not the only one they did this too, some have even been driven into suicide.


I know this sounds like an unbelieveable dark delusion to some, but that's what is. 




It is not "me" in the normal sense doing it or experiencing something because of something surpressed in my subconsciousness. However, they were able to do this, because I had unattended traumas and pains beforehand.



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Right now I really don't feel so good, but I will write down the fragments I know.


According to a friend who took a look at him in the astral plane, the leader is like a contagious virus full of dark entities to which he feeds the pains and traumas of others and the ones he causes and in return give those enities give him some understanding and a temporary feeling of being within light and they also feed him lies about being a king to keep him in the dark.


Someone who said he was a former healer of him, to whom I went after to take some of the pain from me said, he knows people who want to kill him and that he has killed  and damaged dozends people this way and that he bows to some entity called belial.




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Animals are good people

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